Simple and powerful online ordering software.


ORDERLY is the all-in-one inventory solution to manage every ordering needs for the modern hospitality business. By automating the hard part of your inventory, we provide an instant, error-free solution to manage the products you require and your relationship with their providers.
We look after the back of your house, so you can be in the front.


The leading inventory platform solution empowering hundreds of small and medium businesses across Australia.
A trusted world-class platform designed specifically for knowledgeable hospitality businesses.


By joining the ORDERLY ecosystem, we seek to form positive synergies with other companies to form win-win partnerships.
We have already more than 40 providers in Australia to shop from, accounting for about 66.449 products.




cross platform application

So simple

"Has made my life so much easier; no more faffing around with pen and paper, and phone calls."
- Scott

powerful solution for small business

Game changer

I use ORDERLY to order everything for both my cafe/bars and it’s great. Easy to navigate, quick to add items, and the team behind it are very helpful and engaged. All the staff can use it easily, and it has made all our lives that much simpler!
- James

grow your business

Amazing app

We use this app since 2017, it’s a very good app. We order everything for the restaurant. Well done guys!
- Alexis


manage your inventory

Cloud based software

Use orderly cloud based software from any of your device. Manage products, providers, orders, users and much more in one place.

keep track of your orders

Manage your business

Everything you need in just one place. Create, edit and remove products or suppliers, or review and send orders are just few of the amazing things you can do with Orderly.

save your time make more money

No more errors

Forget about fax, emails or orders over phone that are often unclear or get lost, orderly store everything in one place and organize it for you.

easy and intuitive to use

Speed up your orders

Create and send your orders at the speed of light, Orderly is proven to reduce time by more than 80%!

manage your inventory

Inventory made easy

Manage your inventory from everywhere. Orderly inventory is easy to set up and run.

keep track of your orders

History of your orders

No more paper around the office! All your history orders in one beutifully crafted place.

save your time make more money

Save time and money

We know that your time is valuable. That’s why orderly make things easy.

easy and intuitive to use

No training required

Orderly it’s so easy to use that it doesn’t require any training or bulky manuals.

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